Cell Phone Picture: Desk Friends

Welp… nothing totally super awesome happened in Cell Phone world this week so you get a picture of all the friends on my desk in lab! What a collection! :) Each animal has its own story as to how it got there. Don’t get too excited; the stories range from “Yay! I bought him at Target!” to “Yay! I got him at a HUGE truck stop on I40 in New Mexico” and everything in between (alligator farm, present, pub quiz prize, etc). Names: Starting with the creepy Freud in the right hand corner, we have Pico the green monster with no arms, Pedro Armadillovar (guess where his name is from…), Eduardo the walrus, Percy the winking alligator, Pablo the shark in the egg, and two dinosaurs which actually don’t have names… Sad days! Anyway, they certainly make me happy every day. I should note that Freddy the mitochondrion lives on my desk too but he wasn’t made at the time this picture was taken… Poor Freddy…

I actually did photoshop this picture but mostly because that certificate on the wall had my name on it and such. Ahhhhh Clone stamp. What a friendly tool you are… :) I also cropped the picture a bit to get rid of any unwanted/boring shadows. Yay!

I have to give lab meeting today! Yikes! Hope it goes well… I hope you guys are having good Fridays and are planning exciting weekends! :D Look forward to some more AWESOME pictures next week! I am already excited! :)

One thought on “Cell Phone Picture: Desk Friends

  1. Freud in the corner is by far my favorite part of this picture. He’s just lurking in the corner waiting to lecture someone about the id, ego, and superego.

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