Berries for dessert?

(or death…)
Wooooo Leaf Week is in full swing now… So as I was saying yesterday, I took a bunch of pictures around campus last week trying to find the perfect leaf pictures to enter into a leaf picture contest. That means that I have a ton of awesome leaf pictures that are sitting around thinking they are not good enough now because I didn’t use them as my contest entries. You can feel better now, leaf pictures, because now you are on my blog! Wow… that was a long explanation. Anyway, this was actually one of my favorite pictures that I took in my leaf picture quest but I decided not to enter it because well, it has berries, not leaves as its focus.

I didn’t do much to this picture. I just edited out some random dots in the sky and then cropped it.

One thought on “Berries for dessert?

  1. Its so pretty….I want the berries to be cranberries…but my imagination can’t go that way because I know that cranberries grow in a bog…damn you Ocean Spray commercials for making me more educated…..although I must say I feel much more Thanksgiving-y after seeing this pictures. Can you please pass the pie?

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