Black and White: Riding out the Storm

For today’s black and white picture, I decided to post this semi creepy picture of what happens when all the leaves fall off the tree! I took this picture in May 2008 when I was visiting Fort Collins, CO with my family to get my sister settled into a summer program at CSU. That means I took this picture on my old old old point and shoot, my trusty Canon Powershot A75 probably about a month or so before it bit the dust. Man, that was the best and most loyal digital point and shoot I ever had; it hung around through three years of college insanity and then one year of fun in New Mexico. So A75, I salute you!
Anyway, I really like that the branches of the tree kind of look like a claw and that the bird is just sitting on this creepy claw being like “Yeah… just chillin’…”

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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