Portrait: So emo…

I think it’s time for a self portrait. Also, this is one of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken of myself. This was taken in October 2009 with my DLSR a few weeks after getting it. I did NOT use autofocus so I had to focus on a cup on my desk that was about the same distance away as the camera would be away from me/my tear when I set it down and took the picture. I took this picture partly because I was procrastinating on my biophysics homework (you can see it lurking under my arm) and partly because I was actually really frustrated with my biophysics homework (hence the emo picture). For the record, that is not a real tear (it’s water) but I can pretty much guarantee you that that emotion on my face is still genuine. Anyway, I just love this picture because it is so nicely focused even without using autofocus.
No worries, I am not feeling emo right now. I am really excited for this week. Should be a lot of fun. Speaking of fun, I will only be posting pictures today (obviously) and tomorrow this week. I figure that I should be spending my time enjoying the Thanksgiving season (/getting more exciting pictures) instead of worrying what to post every day! I hope you all have fun things planned for your Thanksgiving weeks too!

I don’t think I did much to this picture besides crop it and then desaturate the colors a bit to make for a more dreary picture. Goes with the emo-ness.

One thought on “Portrait: So emo…

  1. I love this photo of you, Sarah! You look beautiful in addition to emo, and the composition is really nice. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love you, Jeanne

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