Guilty Cheese

While Cobalt and I were in Oklahoma, we got to go to this delicious Italian deli. It was amazing! So many wonderful smells… Ahhh… salami… pepperoni… and oh, did I mention cheese? (Potassium’s note: SHE LOVES CHEESE)
Speaking of cheese, I was worried that these cheeses in my picture had done something wrong. Look how they are hanging there (and look how many more unoccupied nooses are waiting for more cheese convicts)! Yeesh! Luckily, Cobalt explained that these cheeses are actually caciocavera, a type of provolone cheese that needs to be aged before it gets eaten. So those cheeses are getting all ripe and delicious! Happy! And may I tell you that caciocavera is definitely a delicious cheese. I highly suggest that you try it if you can. :)

One thought on “Guilty Cheese

  1. I don’t know how I feel about cheese that needs to be strapped on a noose before eating. Its a little bit like encouraging cheese suicide.

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