Cell Phone Picture: Ready to Go!

Because Cobalt and I just got back from an epic road trip to Oklahoma and because we seem to enjoy going on epic road trips in general, I thought I would share some of our road tripness with you guys. On every road trip we take, we take Poncho Same (the blue cow colored shark in the picture) and Ed (the skeleton hiding behind Poncho) with us. They get to hang out on the rearview mirror and watch the road go by with us! :) On this last trip we took, Poncho and Ed were hanging from a coat hanger hook in the back of the car with us. I learned that Ed’s dancing is actually kind of hypnotic when viewed from the side…. awesome…
This picture was taken when I just got this cell phone in August of this year. We got the phone and then hopped in the car to go visit Cobalt’s family. I was so excited about my new phone that I took pictures/played with the sketchpad app pretty much the whole ride down there. I really like the way this picture turned out. Poncho looks so excited to be in the car and the clouds in the sky look nice too!

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