Portrait: Three Little Angels

Welcome back to a new week! I can’t believe it’s portrait day again already! You may remember two people in this picture from portrait day last week… that’s right! Cobalt’s niece and nephew are back and cuter than ever in this picture with their friend! I love that her robe is so big that you can’t even see her little hand!

(Potassium’s quick note on posting pictures of kids – I feel really awkward using their names on the big scary internet but if you are a parent of the photographed kids and you give me permission, I will use only their first names in future pictures)

This weekend, Cobalt and I did a whirlwind trip down to visit his family and see his niece and nephew get baptized! This was a very special day for the kids and also kind of a special day for me for two reasons. First of all, baptisms are always so full of joy that they never fail to make me cry. This one was even more special though because I love these kids so much! I was so proud that I was literally blinking away tears so that I could focus on taking some good pictures!
Second of all, this was probably my first opportunity to take pictures for someone. Usually, I’ll bring my DSLR somewhere and snap some pictures and if they turn out somewhat decent, I’ll send them to whoever is in the picture. This time, I was really trying to get good pictures for Cobalt’s sister. I was so nervous that I wouldn’t get the lighting just right, I made Cobalt stand in random places around the church so that I could snap a few pictures of him and make sure I had good settings! I think it was a good experience for me. I still have a lot to learn but I think the best way to learn some of these tricks is just to get out there and practice!
For those of you who I promised baptism pictures to, this is your sneak preview! There will be many more in your inboxes… soon… hopefully.

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