Wranglin’ up some Tumbleweeds

I thought we would have a silly “free Tuesday” today so I posted an ad that I made up for delicious Tumbleweed Tuna!
Let’s start with a story. When Cobalt and I were headed back to Colorado from visiting his family a few weeks ago, we were “lucky” to witness an entire tumbleweed migration across the interstate. I narrated it very loudly as I drove, screeching to Cobalt: “OMG THERE’S ANOTHER ONE! WHOA LOOK HOW BIG THAT ONE IS! GEEZ… IT’S LIKE A FREAKIN’ TUMBLEWEED MIGRATION… WHERE ARE THEY ALL COMING FROM?!?!! ALL LURKING ACROSS THE FREEWAY!!!! AHHHHHH IT’S COMING RIGHT FOR THE CAR NOOOOOO… WOOT! TAKE THAT, TUMBLEWEED!” etc etc etc. It was pretty hilarious. So as Cobalt and I were headed back down to visit his family this weekend, we discussed said Tumbleweed adventure and Cobalt suggested that it would be funny if there were a brand of tuna called Tumbleweed Tuna. And then Sal the Tumbleweed Tuna mascot was born…
So this actually is a photograph sort of. It was a long process that started with me drawing Sal on a pad of paper. Then I took a picture of him with my baby camera and opened that in Photoshop. The rest was Photoshop magic: cleaning up lines, playing with paint ideas, etc. Now, I had other plans for Sal that didn’t work out… so don’t be surprised if you see Sal reappear sometime in the near future… especially with Winter break coming up and giving me a lot of free time for playing on the computer…

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