Cell Phone Picture: Don’t Forget the Shark Treats

Today’s picture is a picture of my travel buddy Scrarmpl (pronounced Skrarm-pel). Scrarmpl and I have traveled to many states (I used to have an exact number but I forgot now) together. He’s pretty much a stuffed shark version of a traveling gnome basically. Once he even got his own seat on an airplane trip to Ohio (no one was sitting there… I didn’t buy an extra ticket…)! He thought that was pretty sweet. I hope some day I’ll be able to take him on an extra long plane ride to somewhere outside the country…
Anyway, yesterday, Scrarmpl and I were on a plane together again and this time, he really wanted to eat my complementary peanuts. I said no because I wanted to eat them. Luckily, I brought along some goldfish crackers for the trip so I gave him some of them. That actually sounds a bit better for him anyway seeing as he is a shark and all…
I hope you all have great weekends!

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