Portrait: Perfect Postcard

Back to Portrait Monday already?! Craziness… Anyway, I hope you all are having good times getting ready for the holidays… I know there has been a lot of crazy weather in the western half of the US for a few days. I hope it hasn’t made anyone’s holiday plans too soggy…
For today’s picture, I have a portrait of our family friends Amy and Gene at a caroling party we go to every year (in fact we went last night but this picture is from last year’s party…). I had gotten my DSLR earlier in the year and I brought it to the party just in case I had any opportunities to snap a few pictures. I took this one of Amy and Gene and then had so much fun playing with it on Photoshop that this is actually version 7. As you can see, I’ve done a lot to this picture, editing the background so that it is blurrier than it was in reality and editing the photo itself to make it look more painted than photographed. When I sent it to Amy, she told me how much she rarely likes pictures of herself but that she really liked this picture! Yay! I felt so honored! I love making people happy with the gift of photography…

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