What’s that I see on the horizon?

One of my favorite parts about coming home for Christmas is seeing my cats all puffed up in their winter coats. I guess I never really noticed them getting fluffier in the winter when I was in high school and saw them every day. The first time I came home from college freshman year, I thought my cat Patti (pictured here) looked like a snow beast. So here she is today in all her snowbeast greatness. I took this picture the other day because she was just so cute and puffy during this crazy rain we’ve been having. I love her facial expression as she looks out into the distance at some unknown entity. I wonder what she was thinking about… Probably “Why is that lame Potassium taking pictures of me when she could be petting my soft winter fur?!”
In other news WOW! Did anyone else see the eclipse last night?! Awesomeness… I was out in the cold taking tons and tons of pictures! So… look forward to some of those soon! :D

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