Happy New Year!

Before I say anything about this picture, I just want to apologize for not posting on Friday! Cobalt and I had a hell of a time trying to get back to Colorado on Thursday because of all the crazy snow and we didn’t end up actually getting home until about 2:30am Friday morning. So I thought sleeping on Friday would be a better idea than doing anything else – such as posting on here! I thought I would make up for it by posting a picture today!
Because of all the snow and the crazy cold temperatures and the threat of wind chill up to -25 degrees F, we decided to stay in and have our own New Years Party instead of attempting to get to one. So here are me and Cobalt all curled up on the couch ready to wish everyone a happy new year! This picture is neat because it is taken with my mom’s old 28 mm lens (so about 50 mm lens for my DSLR) from her old film SLR. She bought it in the 70’s so it doesn’t have an autofocus motor and you actually have to set the aperture on the lens instead of on the camera. Fun times. Anyway, all this gibberish boils down to the fact that you can’t autofocus with this lens. So yes, this is a self portrait taken with manual focus. That means I have to guess how far away I am going to hold the camera from our faces and focus the camera on something equally as far away. Ooooo the challenges! :D Anyway, happy new year everyone!

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