Portrait: Why Do You Wake Me Up?!

So my winter break at home was awesome in a lot of ways but it was also very sad. This is a picture of my cat Blackberry, the matriarch cat of my group of kitties. She is 18 years old and is dying of cancer. So this was the last time that I got to see her and spend time with her. I spent a huge chunk of my break strictly sitting next to her on the couch, watching over her as she slept, making sure at least one part of me was touching her at all times, feeding her tons of cat treats, taking millions of pictures of her, etc. She is a good sport though, still as spunky and crazy as ever. Even when you could tell she wasn’t feeling super well, she still demanded her usual affections. It was special and heartwarming to be able to take care of her so much because she is such a wonderful cat. It was also heartbreaking to see her so sick and to know when I left that it was the last time I would get pet her and hug her. I’m really happy that I at least got to go home again and see her before anything happened. I’ll miss you Blackberry…

4 thoughts on “Portrait: Why Do You Wake Me Up?!

  1. What a beautiful kitty!
    I know she is continuing to be well loved during this last part of her life. I am glad you could spend so much time with your beloved kitty when you were home, Sarah.

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