Regal Cat

This is a picture of my cat Smokey. I think I promised to post this picture like 2 weeks ago so I apologize for the epic delay. I am sure Smokey is pretty upset about it all. ;)
Anyway, I am pretty proud of the way this picture turned out because Smokey is ridiculously hard to photograph. She would much rather you pet her than take pictures of her. She doesn’t understand why you keep walking away from her! Every time I’d back up to try to get a pic of her, she’d meow and come running. So… with this picture, we were walking down the street with her trotting along at my side. As I walked, I held my DSLR behind me and pointed it in Smokey’s direction. I snapped a few pictures like that – without even looking through the viewfinder or focusing (yes… this picture was definitely taken with autofocus). And it came out so well! I was so pleased.

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