Black and White: Curious cat

As I was going through my pictures to figure out what I wanted to post for today, I came across this picture of my cat Patti, Smokey’s sister. I love it. I love how you totally don’t even need color to know what a beautiful cat Patti is. I also love the way she is looking up (and not at me) in this picture so you can really see her whiskers and her profile. I also love the way her ears are tilted back just a little bit as if she is trying to figure out what she wants to do with whatever she is looking at. I am pretty sure that I was snapping my fingers (that’s what she’s looking at) and she was trying to decide whether it was worth it to expend the energy to jump up to get petted (there’s a car just out of sight on the left) or if she should just stay on the ground and make me bend down to her level and pet her there… You can probably guess what happened next… She decided that she was too good to jump up to my level and I had to kneel down and pet her on hers… Ohhhhh cats… ;)

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