Cell Phone Picture: Tilt Landscape!

Whoa… This picture turned out crazily. I took this picture on Monday morning on my way to work. I really liked the clouds hanging low over the houses in the background and the wet streets (all that snow from last Friday’s post had finally melted… although it snowed again yesterday so we have a fresh coat of snow everywhere) just looks really nice to me. It felt very “new” to me and it made me wonder if it was secretly spring and we’d just had a nice spring rain (oh wait… we get spring snow here in Boulder… :p). It was a good feeling and a good way to start out the week, I think. Part of me wonders if I was half asleep when I took the picture though… That might explain why everything seems strangely skewed (especially that lamp post)… Cell phone pictures are supposed to be easy to take, right? :) I hope you all have great weekends!

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