Photographer’s Block and Geese

Sooooo this weekend… I wanted to go out and take some pictures just to practice taking pictures and to find some fun pictures for this week’s posts and I found that I really didn’t feel like taking pictures of anything at all. Mostly what I usually do (unless I have a planned photosession like last weekend) is wander around a certain area of Boulder (downtown, a graveyard, etc) and take pictures of things that interest me. Or Cobalt and I will go on a trip and I will take pictures there of things that interest me. But we weren’t going anywhere and I was tired of randomly wandering around Boulder. And I was tired of just taking pictures of random things that I saw. In short, I was feeling a bit of photographer’s block.
This is when this blog becomes really important I think. I think that without it, I could have easily just stopped taking pictures, writing it off as “well, I’ll take pictures later…” but as we all know, the way to get over any form of creativity block is to try to gently ease yourself back into it. So I reluctantly began thinking of ways to get me excited about pictures again. Cobalt told me that when he has writer’s block, he likes to look up writing exercises. So I looked up photography exercises. I found two good websites with interesting suggestions. One contains suggestions for “new photographers” although I thought that her suggestions would be good for anyone who wanted to work on their photography or who felt like they needed a boost in creativity. The other directly addresses photographer’s block. I really like the 100 steps idea which I actually did not end up using but hope to try soon!
With those ideas in mind, Cobalt and I jumped in the car and drove one town over to the town of Superior, CO. I am not really sure what we were looking for in Superior but when I saw these geese, I knew I had found it. I think this picture is neat because all the geese except two or so are headed in one direction, clearly with some important task in mind (probably getting away from me…) and yet those two are sitting there like ???? What’s goin’ on friends?! Haha… I think it’s fun. Thanks, geese for being awesome…

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