Black and White Cell Phone Picture: Science Rules!

So I combined two of my blog rules today to bring you Bill Nye! Last night, we got to go see Bill Nye the Science Guy at CU Boulder. It was so exciting. I loved his show when I was a kid. Bill Nye and my parents were totally my heros… :) Anyway, his talk was awesome and inspiring (also very funny)! He chose to talk a lot about climate change and what we can do about it. I found his topic choice especially interesting because I just went to another talk by David Goldstein, who works for the National Resources Defense Council, and he chose to use climate change as an example for how politics/the public view science and scientists. My friend Paul summed up his talk pretty nicely if you’re interested. I thought that Bill Nye’s talk was very appropriate and helpful in explaining climate change in a way that understandable to anyone.
ANYWAY… We weren’t allowed to bring cameras into Bill Nye’s talk… so I was left with the cell phone camera. I took this picture of the program before the talk for you guys to see. :)

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