Nature vs. nurture: a ghost story

Helllooooo friends! I hope you have been enjoying spring (or autumn if I have any southern hemisphere friends). Cobalt and I have been having a good time getting to know our new city. There’s always something fun going on on the weekends. We participated in Independent Bookstore Day one weekend and Free Comic Book Day the next! But while we’ve been having tons of fun with all of that, we really wanted to get out and explore the wilderness too.

So last weekend we went on an adventure to a ghost town with our friend Titanium! This particular ghost town only existed in Washington for ~20 years! It sprung up with a coal mine in 1900 and then it slowly started dying 15 years later when the nearby trains switched away from coal. Then a fire wiped out most of what was left of the town. Yikes. Bad news. So don’t get too excited, the only town-y parts left are a few walls and a foundation here and there. But it was still cool to wander around and wonder what it would have been like to live there.

Also, it was really incredible to see how nature has slowly reclaimed all of the remaining human-made objects in the area. Moss is not deterred, folks. It will grow on anything it seems.

Enough chit chat! Let’s get to the pictures!

This was labeled as a Retaining Wall on the map from the hiking guide I borrowed from my coworker. It was about a mile from the townsite though…


The sun was highlighting these leaves in such a way that I saw this as an opportunity for a black and white photo. So here you go.


Pretty sure this abandoned car is not from the time of the ghost town. It looks like it’s been there a while though. It’s fun to look at people’s pictures of this car through the ages. It’s definitely becoming part of the forest as time progresses.


See what I mean about that moss? Slowly claiming the backseat as its own.


Even the railroad pieces are being twisted by nature…


Human-made or natural? It’s all starting to blend together!


Apparently someone still lives in this town… PS: Look how green this concrete foundation is. I didn’t do anything to the color in Lightroom. Further proof that nature is relentless.


Cobalt in what’s left of the schoolhouse. Look at the size of the trees in there!

Found photos and other stories

What I like about this one is that there is all that gray on the bottom. Why didn’t they crop most of it out?! Also, what do you think this girl is thinking about?

Hello all! I hope you are well! I am realizing that apparently Cobalt and I have a lot of traditions in October and by missing so much due to traveling, there is a lot of catching up to do with what little is left in this month!

This weekend we were busy getting Halloween costumes put together, picking out pumpkins, and buying candy for trick or treaters (which we will actually just be leaving in a bowl on our front porch as we’ve got ourselves a rehearsal dinner to go to on Halloween – J and K are getting married on Friday!!!!! Yes, in case you’re wondering, we will be dressed up in costumes – for the rehearsal dinner, not for the wedding obviously…).

This weekend we also went out to brunch with friends and then headed to pretty much the biggest antique mall I have ever seen. I am pretty sure you can get lost in there. Actually definitely sure because upon entering, Cobalt, J, and I immediately lost The Chocolate Pudding and The Millionaire Space Accountant! Moving on – the antique mall was really fun! So much stuff to look at/be sad about not being able to afford…. My favorite part was this whole corner of abandoned photographs and postcards from around the world. I love abandoned photographs especially because I feel that each one tells a story and I, having just stumbled across it, have no idea what it is! It brings out my creative side because I am intently gazing about how the photo was taken – the lighting, the clothing, the poses – but I am also looking at the expression on the people’s faces to try to guess what they were thinking about! So fun! Anyway, shown above and below are some of my favorites from this particular expedition.

I love this one of a woman and (I’m assuming) her plant. Also, this one has a date on the back (1925) and a note in German that The Chocolate Pudding and The Millionaire Space Accountant spent 5 min or so trying to decipher. So much fun!
So I found this one really creepy with everyone’s faces overexposed like that. The back of the photo had no explanation – just an address in Lincoln, IL. Any possible explanation? :)

On the to do list for this week:

  • multiple experiments (although nothing seems to want to work for me right now) because I have to give a presentation on my research in two weeks
  • making a blueberry cheesecake (it’s a slow process with all the experiments and life – good thing each step in the cheesecake making process requires substantial cooling/sitting/whatever time)
  • celebrating J and K!
  • carving pumpkins
  • voting (election day is next week, folks!)
  • maybe sleeping? Who knows…

What are you guys up to this week? Are you baking anything epic? Which is your favorite of the found photographs up there? Tell me all!

Is Fall here yet?

Hey! I hope you all had great weekends! In honor of the holiday weekend, I think I will be posting on Tuesday and Thursday this week instead of my usual MWF posts (maybe you’ll get a Friday post too… who knows). Anyway, today has some pictures from this weekend. On Saturday, Cobalt and I went up into the mountains to see if fall had arrived yet (yeahhhh… we’re getting a little tired of the hot Colorado summer days). We were checking out the aspen trees to see if they’d turned the gorgeous shade of yellow they turn in the fall. The results: sommmmeeeee aspen trees turned…

Bottom picture: on our journey, we found this random Ford hubcap so I decided to take some cool grungy shots too. :D

Anyway, Cobalt and I had a very productive weekend. Our apartment is starting to look like a real apartment! Yay!!!! Did you guys do anything fun?!

Fake Married?

Last week, Cobalt and I got the aluminum sizers for our wedding bands in the mail. We each got to pick three different sizes of the same width so we could wear them around for a while and figure out which size was the size for us. Cobalt had an easy time of it, one of his sizers fit perfectly and the other two were either too big or too small. So that worked out for him.
I had more of a challenge. Because this ring is so much thicker than my engagement ring, the largest size I picked out (which would have been too big for a skinny ring like my engagement ring) was actually a little small. It went on my finger just fine but then it didn’t want to come off. In fact, I actually hurt my left finger trying to get the sizer off, which is why we are wearing our sizers on our right hands in the picture. So last weekend, we got to go on a fun trip to one of our local jewelers so that I could ask about sizing. Turns out that the half size up fits much better, going on easily but coming off with just a little encouragement instead of yanking and pain. So yay! We shipped the sizers back on Monday along with our preferred sizes so crisis over. Whew.

Guess what else we mailed on Monday?! Allllll of our invitations. Yay! Saturday was a fun day full of envelope stuffing, fancy handwriting (aw yeah, calligraphy pens), and envelope licking…

We are headed to wedding number two of the summer this weekend and one of my blog friends is also getting married this weekend. So exciting!!! Any fun plans for your weekend? Natalie, I know what yours are… :):):)

Black and White: Snow Shark

First snow storm of the season rolled in last night and continues right now! It is always so crazy for me to see the trees all bent over due to all the weight of the snow! Actually, the first snow is kind of a conflicting experience for me. On the one hand, I am mesmerized by the beauty of white flakes everywhere. I love to curl up with a book and some hot chocolate and watch the snow swirling around outside. On the other hand, SNOW IS COLD. AND WET. And makes the buses run late. So as soon as I have to go outside in it to get to work, my love for it quickly dwindles… Sad…
Anyway, this is my shark Scrarmpl enjoying the first snow…

Black and White: Stopping by a thread

Cobalt and I have been doing more traveling (I know… it never stops…) and on our way back this time, we stopped and walked around the small town of San Luis, CO just to spend some time out of the car. Anyway, on this stop, this stop sign here was creaking away because as you can see, it is barely connected to its pole anymore. It’s hanging by a thread. I thought it was perfect for a black and white picture…
On a random note, this blog is almost a year old! Holy crap, I’ve been slacking! :p

Black and White: That’s one small step for… wait a minute…

That’s right. Cobalt and I went to the moon for Labor Day weekend! Awww sweet! Yeah… it was freakin’ awesome. I took my Nikon D80 with me and took a picture of Neil Armstrong’s footprint on the moon for you all to see.
Okay… that is majorly false. But Cobalt and I did do some pretty fun things for Labor Day weekend. Be prepared for some super fun pictures coming your way soon and very soon (though maybe not so soon seeing as I am still super busy and I actually like to take my time in choosing and preparing a picture for you all to see on this blog. But anyway…) of all of our travels. Let’s just say that I have now seen a LOT more of Colorado than before Labor Day weekend. But enough with the advertising of all the fun and on with the picture because that is what you guys really care about anyway, right?
So no, this was not taken on the moon and it’s not even Neil Armstrong’s footprint. I don’t even know whose foot this print belongs to. I do know that it belongs to someone who once walked along the bank of the South Catamount Reservoir near Pikes Peak because that is where I took the picture. Hurrah! I think it looks neat. What do you guys think?

Black and White: What’s that you see, Russell?

Sometimes I think that I shouldn’t be allowed to have as much fun as I do with my DSLR and its remote control. This picture (and the one below) were taken out of boredom and a huge desire to take a picture of me “lurking” upstairs. So I borrowed Cobalt’s tripod and set it up crazily on the stairs and then busted out the remote control. Russell the shark came along for the ride. These pictures were kind of silly not only to pose for but just to take in general. Every few pictures, I’d stop and run down the stairs to check out my results/determine if I wanted to change any of the settings/my poses or whatever. Ha… I am so weird. Anyway, I love this picture because it is just so goofy. I feel like I am on some crazy children’s network TV show and Russell and I have to solve some sort of crazy mystery before the evil guy gets us!
On a completely different note, check out the picture below. Here, I felt like I was going to sneeze and I thought it would be funny to have a picture of me sneezing with Russell just hanging out… So here it is.
FINALLY… on a completely random note, when I typed this post’s title, I typed “Blah and White.” I hope you don’t think these pictures are blah… :(

Portrait: 4th…

This weekend marked Cobalt’s and my four month anniversary of being engaged! Awwww cute! :D The lady who was kind enough to take this picture noticed that we were struggling to get a good portrait on our own (see last Wednesday’s post to see our failed attempt. Hahaha…). Anyway, happiness. This weekend, my friends and I went to look for bridesmaids dresses and found two that we really like! Success. Wow… I am getting excited… :)