Portrait: Oscar Party!

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had great weekends! Did anyone else watch The Oscars last night? Cobalt and I got dressed up all fancy and went to an Oscars party where we ate delicious fancy hors d’oeuvres and drank fancy drinks. It was a fancy affair all together, as you can see by this picture of my friend Danielle! I think the fact that everyone got all dressed up for the evening was the best part of the whole party. My friend Jennette and I broke out the cameras and went around the party taking pictures. So fun… so fun… :)
As for the Oscars themselves, I was a bit sad that Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit didn’t win best supporting actress over Melissa Leo and I was sad that How to Train Your Dragon didn’t win anything, as I thought it was a fantastic animated movie. It was crazy to have actually seen all 10 Best Picture nominations in advance. I spent much of the evening giving plot summaries of the lesser known movies (127 Hours – good even with the fact that he has to cut off his own arm sometime during the film; Winter’s Bone – good though gritty, the lead actress was amazing; The Fighter – different/better (in my opinion) from The Wrestler in many ways; The Kids are Alright – the kids really are all right but the parents… :-/; etc.) Anyway, if I could make a recommendation for you guys, I would suggest the animated and live action short winners. The animated winner was The Lost Thing and it is spectacular. It is creative and the animation is neat. It was my favorite of the shorts but I was really surprised that it was also the favorite of the academy. Craziness. The live action winner was God of Love and that one is also really funny and light hearted.
Welp, I’ve talked your ears off about movies…

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