Shark Comfort

I took this picture probably about a year ago when I was studying for my giant oral qualifying exam (definition: if you pass it, you get to stay in grad school as a Ph.D candidate/basically get your master’s degree – I passed, btw). I was really really stressed about it and studying like a crazy person. So to calm myself down this particular evening, I curled up on my bean bag chair in the corner of my room to read my papers. As you can see, I surrounded myself with all my sharks/shark stuff (you can even see the dorsal fin of my shark arm warmers at the bottom) to help calm myself down too.
I’ve been feeling pretty down lately – mostly just stressed out with work and life – and I wanted a picture to relate how I feel. I feel like a lot of times pictures/daily snapshots focus on happiness (which is a good thing! don’t get me wrong…) but I think that it’s nice to have some contrasting shots in there to make sure that people know it’s okay to be down sometimes too.

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