Graveyard Apparition

I looooooove this pic. First of all because it is a bit creepy and second of all because it was taken at 11 pm. No joke. It was daaaaaark outside. You see those white things in the sky? Yeah… they’re stars… So what happened here? Well, this was the night of the epically sized moon that I talked about on Tuesday so it was pretty bright out as far as night goes. And then I was playing with ISO and F numbers with a 30 second exposure time so I could have time to be crazy in front of the camera. Turned out pretty weird I think but I still like it. I like my ghostly see-through appearance.

One thought on “Graveyard Apparition

  1. you say its because its because of all those fancy camera tricks…but more likely I think that the moon was full out and the spirits were surrounding you as you were in a cemetery.

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