Cell Phone Picture: Sharks on Vacation

This week was spring break here at the school so Cobalt and I decided to take a little vacation. We went to Pagosa Springs, which is in Southern Colorado, to go relax in the natural hot springs there. Although we had a hell of a time getting over Wolf Creek Pass both coming and going, it was worth it just to spend some time in the healing waters of Pagosa Hot Springs. The springs ranged in temperature from 86 degrees F to 111 F (there was one at 115 F but that one was closed because… well, that is hot!). Cobalt and I tried out each hot spring (going through 23!) before picking out our favorites and lounging in them for awhile.
When we weren’t relaxing in the warmth, we were eating… a lot. Pagosa offers such a wealth of delicious restaurants so we had one awesome meal after the next. This picture comes from where we ate lunch before leaving town (to go battle the pass for the second time). Well I love sharks and as soon as we determined that The Chivalrous Shark was indeed a restaurant (took us awkwardly looking in the windows because we couldn’t find it online), we decided that we had to eat there before we left. Anyway, it was your typical fish and chips shop with a New Orleans feel. Plus they actually served shark…….. which I tried. And then felt really bad because of how much I love them… >_< Anyway, it was a confusing moment for me but it turns out that I didn't actually like the taste of shark all that much so maybe that is a good thing. All the more energy to love them and not wonder if they are actually delicious… ;) And with that, I hope you all have wonderful weekends!

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