Only 850 miles to go!

Cobalt and I have rediscovered the disposable camera. It’s funny in a day where people are obsessed with trying to get their crisp digital or phone pictures to “look old” when really, all you need is a plastic disposable film camera to get the same effect. Of course finding someone to develop the pictures for you is a bitch, but it’s worth it I think. Remember when disposable cameras were the in thing? I remember packing 2 or 3 of them whenever we went on band trips. Then as soon as I got home, I’d use up the rest of my film taking pictures of my cats/family before running the cameras over to the 1 hour photo (double prints were a must). The next day at school, we’d swap pictures so that everyone could have a full story of the hilarity that happened. It was so rich and so fun and now it is so gone… It’s weird to me.
Anyway, nostalgia over. Last May, Cobalt and I bought a disposable camera on a whim and it followed us around as we went various places over the summer. And then we forgot about it until we went to Pagosa Springs last week. Obviously accidentally dropping a plastic disposable camera into a hot spring would be not as bad as dropping a digital camera in so the disposable camera got to go to the hot springs! We finished the roll and got the film developed in Pagosa Springs. And then we got to have the joy of looking at our prints. Look at the colors! Look at this hilarious thing that we did that we forgot about! Look look look! We immediately went out and bought a new disposable camera…
Anyway, disposable camera story over. This picture. This picture is from our epic road trip from Colorado to California (This is in Wyoming) to visit my family last summer. Looking out at the long road ahead. I like it. I like my stuffed octopus (his name is Nico and he lives in the car) at the bottom. I like his reflection. I like the clouds. I like the colors. So much fun.

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