Portrait: Yeppers… Let’s get hitched!

This weekend, I had the honor/pleasure of photographing my friends Paul and Pearl. They are getting married next year and they wanted a few pictures to choose from for their “Save the Date.” So we went up to Chautauqua this weekend to see if we could snap some good photographs! I was a bit nervous because it was my first time taking “engagement” portraits and I was worried that we wouldn’t get any fun pictures for their “Save the Date.” Luckily for me, Paul and Pearl were easy going and fun and I think we got some good shots – including this one which occurred after Pearl “fed” Paul a piece of grass… Hilarious. We of course got some more serious and romantic pictures too to make for an eclectic set of pictures for them to choose from. I hope they pick out a good one! :D
As for me, I know that there are definitely areas for the budding portrait photographer in me to improve. I think that I need to move around more to capture one shot from a variety of angles because I noticed as I was going through Paul’s and Pearl’s photos that I would capture one of their faces but not the other’s. I think it would have been interesting to see the contrast of the other person’s face in a different picture. I also just want to get better in general at determining good places in Boulder for portrait photography. Chautauqua is not the best place for afternoon portrait photography as the subjects are either backlit to the extreme or squinting into the sun. Hrmmmm…. more research…. more portraits… yessssss…. I hope you all had good weekends. I had a spectacular one! :)

One thought on “Portrait: Yeppers… Let’s get hitched!

  1. Hooray for engagement shots! Yah I feel you on the over exposure during the afternoons here in CO. The best time to go is like 8 or 9AM or 6-7PM when the sun is a lot more gentle. Lets practice more!

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