Portrait: Egg Dog!

Annnnnnnd we’re back (I think)! Barring any complications from crazy busy weeks, I think we can get this blog up and running again! Woot! So let’s dive right on into it with this hilarious dyed Easter egg. :)
This past weekend, we had an epic party. It consisted of 1) eating tasty snacks, 2) playing an Arrested Development trivia quiz (the Never Nudes Unite, my team, ended up winning by TWO points! COME ON!!!!!), and 3) dyeing Easter eggs!!! Wow… it was a full night. I believe no one even had a chance to think about getting bored. So this picture obviously comes from the Easter egg part of the evening. This is my friend Ali’s egg! Ha… I love that it looks like an egg dog, especially with its tongue sticking out like that!

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