We’re chained…

Title comes from the Pixies song “Hey.”
Depending on how well you actually know me, you may or may not know that Cobalt and I got engaged last week! It came as a pleasant surprise (though we were planning on getting engaged this year so I was not completely surprised) during a pretty crazy busy time so it has taken a while for the news to get to you! So yeah! Woo.
This picture actually comes from way before the engagement happened; it is from our trip to Pagosa Springs. When we went to the hot springs, we decided to pay the extra $5 to have access to the quiet adult-only pools overlooking the rest of the pools. It turned out to be an amazing idea as, once we got there, each one of us found a favorite pool to lounge in for a good while. In order to get up to these special pools, we got VIP wristbands. In the evening, before clawing off said wristbands, we decided to try to take a picture of our wrists and wristbands in a manner that would make it look like we are chained together. It was actually pretty hard to have our two hands holding each other and then use our two other hands to try to blindly take the picture with the DSLR but I think it turned out pretty neat.

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