Portrait: Duplicity

Ahhhhhh fun with mirrors to start out our week today! Cobalt and I had a bit of fun playing around with our (D)SLRs yesterday. This picture came out of playing with the mirrors in his bathroom. Of course mirrors are awkward to photograph because if you use a flash, you get that crazy bright speckle all over the subject. So you have to take pictures with really low f numbers to try to allow as much light in as possible. Remember that the consequence of low f numbers is that you have a smaller depth of field. So check it out. My eyelashes are in focus here and the rest of me is in various shades of blur. Kinda neat, huh? I also like that my reflection looks sly but my actual eyes look a little shy… Ooooo…

Btw, today is my sister’s birthday!!!! Craziness, wee! I hope you have a wonderful day… :D

2 thoughts on “Portrait: Duplicity

  1. 1. Happy bday to your sis!!! 2. I love reading your descriptions, because you elaborate on things I didn’t catch. I LOVE that your eyelashes are in focus and everything else isn’t. Subtle, but powerful. Perfection.

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