Rest in Peace Severus Snape

Sad days, friends. My venus fly trap, Severus Snape, has died. I got him back in 2008, before I was even in grad school and he’s been with me through all the craziness that has happened since. And now he’s gone. I think he had a pretty good life, chillin’ inside on my window sill while it snowed outside in the winter and sunning himself outside in the summer. Once I had to rescue him during my first year in grad school because my crazy neighbor decided not to notice that her dog was chewing on my plant! :p Last winter though he suffered a fall from my second floor balcony when the wind got too rough for him and I thought he’d pulled through okay but maybe not. Maybe this has been coming for a long time. Saddddd… I loved that plant. Sorry if I failed you Severus but I hope you’re in a better place now. Thanks for being such an awesome friend during some fairly crazy years… :( Last night, Cobalt and I had a candlelit vigil for Severus, pictured here.
Also sorry to you fellow blog readers, apparently planning for a wedding while simultaneously trying to work on getting my PhD is a lot of work! ;) I’ve been so busy that I haven’t really had time to take pictures, besides this one, which Cobalt and I took last night in honor of Severus. Maybe he was sad because his namesake died in Harry Potter 7 part 2 this summer…

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