Portrait: Fairytale wedding

I know Erin has already posted this pic on her blog but because I took it, I think it’s justifiable for me to post it here too. Anyway, this is a pic from Erin’s wedding last weekend, which Cobalt and I were fortunate enough to attend. It was awesome and this picture is also awesome. I am not sure how much of the awesomeness actually belongs to me though; it looks like Erin and her new husband Brian are doing most of the work… I just got lucky. Congrats on your wedding Erin and Brian! It was a wonderful day and I am sure you two will have a wonderful life together too. So happy we could be there to celebrate with you guys!

Anyway, I sincerely apologize for the lack of posting I’ve been doing recently. It was in part due to the fact that I was on an epic trip to the east coast (first went to a conference in New York, next went to visit my grandparents, and then ended up here at Erin’s and Brian’s wedding…) Now that that’s over, we’ll see about getting more regular posts in, shall we?

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