Chickens and other words…

So there has been a lot of talk about most commonly used words recently. I am mostly referring to That Nolen Chick’s blog where she held a contest for people to guess how often words like “very,” “totally,” and “marvelous” appeared in her manuscript. Got me thinking about the words I use the most. I am sure the winners are the word “like” (trying to work on reducing the frequency of that one) and then a bunch of random noises that I don’t know how to type but sound kind of like this: “prggggggggg” (also spelled “grbbbbbbbb”) and “qwraaaahhhhh.” You understand? Yeah… I didn’t think so… Sorry about that.
But then I thought some more and realized that I say the word “chicken” more than I believe is necessary for someone who lives in a town where there aren’t very many chickens around (ask Cobalt if you don’t believe me). Curious…
Do you guys have a random favorite word?

About the pic – it’s from a short story by Clio Chiang called “This Time” in a collection of graphic short stories called “Flight Volume 2.” Apparently someone else says “chicken” a lot too…

In other news: SNOW DAY. First snow day where I am actually in Boulder AND I don’t have experiments running that require me to go into lab anyway. Look forward to some fun snowy pictures next week…

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