Ooo thanks! My FAVORite!

Hello friends and welcome to Wedding Wednesday! Today’s post (if you didn’t guess) is about wedding favors! Cobalt and I have been searching for the perfect favor for our guests and we want to know your thoughts!
We have been thinking about making crochet fortune cookies as our favors – with the fortune listing our names and the date. I realize this would be adding to my plate of things to do but I actually quite like crocheting and I actually also quite like the idea of giving my hands something constructive to do when I get stressed out (with work or wedding planning or both… you know how it goes). Also, I am thinking about calling out the cavalry and giving the pattern to anyone who knows how to crochet (if this is you, let me know!) and we can have a crochet fortune cookie making party (and Cobalt has already suggested that he be in charge of making the fortune part)! :D
Anyway, what I really want to know from you guys is what is your opinion on wedding favors? I know it has gotten really popular to have edible wedding favors, like candy or something the guests can munch on as they head back to the airport/drive home from the wedding but I guess for some reason that just seems impersonal in my opinion (for our wedding at least. No judging going on, people…). But then I also worry that we put all the effort into making a bunch of cute personalized crocheted fortune cookies and then I just give people more “stuff” to deal with… :-/


What do you think? Are the fortune cookies just going to stress us out and then just give guests something else to shove into their bags to take home? Or are they awesome? Or should we come up with an alternative idea (perhaps personalized but REAL fortune cookies bought from Oriental Trading Company?)…

If nothing else, we could always fall back on giving out miniature dinosaurs and frogs like those posing on top of my family’s old (1980s?) Macintosh computer in the picture (or you could decorate your old Macintosh with one of our crocheted fortune cookies… I think one would look nice there surrounded by all the dinosaurs…)


3 thoughts on “Ooo thanks! My FAVORite!

  1. For favors I love the idea of something handmade or off the wall. I think you can’t really go wrong with the crocheted fortune cookies or the little dinosaurs and frogs. It’s something that you’re not really going to see at any other wedding you go to, so you’re really showing you actually thought about it instead of going “eh, yeah, we’ll just buy a bunch of identical matchbooks or some m&m’s and throw them in a bag”.

    I’m also a sucker for edibles, so even the personalized fortune cookies would be awesome in my book.

  2. It’s a complicated subject. From my experience, the wedding favors usually sit around for a long time and then get tossed or given away (unless they are a practical gift that everyone uses). Some of us sentimental folks hang on to most of them them forever. At Renee’s wedding, many people did not even take their wedding favors. My friend who was married last summer had hand-crocheted favors, and they were lovely. I say follow your heart and do what feels right for you. My one piece of advice though….don’t spend a lot of money on them.

  3. The Crocheted fortune cookies are such a cute idea. I think people will keep them forever and ever! Congrats on your engagement, again! I wish you both all the best! <3

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