Look at those cacti!

Holy crap… One week from now (almost) everyone will be here and we’ll be gearing up for setup and the rehearsal! How time flies! We were at the venue yesterday (LOVE IT still… haven’t seen it since January and it’s so good to see everything in bloom and all the nice changes they’ve made…) and we walked through everything to make a huge map of events for all our vendors (caterer, photographer, etc). I talked to our photographer on the phone on Tuesday and she and I came up with an itinerary too! It’s allllll coming together quite nicely. It’s amazing how much more stuff gets done when I only have to focus on the wedding (and not on grad school too.) Thanks boss for giving me that time off!

Short post today. Cobalt and I are about to go pick up our marriage license (we had to order it online last night? We are confused about how this process works but we’re going over there anyway). Then it’s more errands, etc. I leave you today with these cacti! They are going to be the center of our centerpieces and also how we “number” the tables. Yesterday, Cobalt and I named each cactus and then spent hours working on a seating chart so that each person will have a place to sit at one of the cactus’ tables. Seating chart is complete (and I also took the map from the venue and figured out where each table was going with respect to the head table and the buffet) so now we just need to make name tags for the cacti so that people will know where to sit. Yay!

The cacti are just chilling in their funny little Home Depot pots in my parents’ backyard right now! If you can read any of their names, you probably won’t be surprised that they are completely ridiculous. We literally just picked one up, brainstormed a good name for it, put it back, picked up another one…

Update on life…

Whew… The T and I made it safely home on Sunday. It is so nice to be home. Driving 21 hours is epic… now all I want to do is sleep.

But… there is so much to do right now! And so much fun to be had! The California bridal shower was yesterday and it was a huge success. So much fun. :) I will hopefully do a post about it soon. I also got to try on my dress for the very first time (!!!!!!) yesterday and all went well with that. Today we are going to work on hemming it and I need to call our wedding photographer to finalize the photography schedule for the wedding day. Then Wednesday Cobalt comes into town and we can start to finalize everything else. CRAZY.

I am getting so excited about our wedding. It really just seems like such a blessing that our close friends and family will be here (even though some of them can’t come and I am sad about that). At the shower last night, I was reminded how all of these people are like my family and I can’t wait to spend Cobalt’s and my special day with them! I feel very lucky right now. I also feel very conflicted because I am so excited for everyone to get here but I kind of want time to get the rest of the details planned out and done…

Picture: Alfred the shark is trying to get me to wake up so I can get stuff done!


Wooo! We’re getting down on the number of Wedding Wednesday posts I have left! Last week marked our 1 month mark and now we are into DAYS on that little calendar over there (—–>;)!!! So I thought I’d catch everyone up on what’s going on. First – Second Wedding shower First, some background into how […]

Envelope Drama

So when Cobalt and I designed our invitations months and months ago, I decided to go with 5×7 inch invitations, which would fit snugly into A7 envelopes (5.25 x 7.25). I figured that because A7 envelopes have a name (A7 envelopes), then they would clearly be easily located. This assumption turned out to be false. Cobalt and I went to a variety of office supply stores on Monday to get envelopes for the invitations he printed yesterday and all the stores had A2 envelopes (too small) and A9 envelopes (too big) but no A7 envelopes (just right!)… Booo. Luckily, the internet has a wide variety of A7 envelopes for sale. I chose envelopes.com (easy enough…) because they had a wide variety of fancy A7 envelopes for sale (and the ones we got were printed with 100% recycled paper! Score!).

On a related note, we have the invitations all printed out (Thanks to Cobalt for spending hourssss at Kinko’s yesterday!), we have stamps (thanks Cobalt for going to the post office yesterday…) and now whenever the envelopes show up, we can mail out our invitations (hopefully this weekend)…

Picture: Gustav the shark eyes the naked invitations. Quick envelopes! You’d better get here soon or Gustav will eat all the invitations! >_< Thanks Cobalt also for this picture!

Questions: a) Did you have envelope and/or invitation drama? How did you solve it?
b) Do you like my new header?
c) Tell me something exciting that is happening for you right now/soon/just happened! :)

How fortunate…

So Tuesday nights Cobalt works for Geeks Who Drink. It’s a pub quiz company. Really fun quizzes! Look it up and see if there’s one near you. I highly recommend it (and not just because Cobalt works for them…). Anyway, so Tuesday nights he goes off to stump people with the quiz and I have a night to myself in our house to do whatever I want (dance party anyone?! ;)). Since last Tuesday night was spent sadly and frantically making a presentation for my annual committee meeting (grad school thing – your boss and two other faculty members listen to you talk about your work over the past year and give you suggestions/make sure you’re on track for graduating etc etc etc… sliiiiiightly intimidating?), I decided to make the most of this Tuesday night. First I made myself an epic feast (okay, it wasn’t that epic… but it was still delicious…) and then I decided to try out the pattern Cobalt and I found for making the felt fortune cookies we had in mind for our wedding favors. Turns out I actually had blue felt and green embroidery thread that are pretty close to our colors so my trial run pretty much shows you what the actual favor could look like. I like them! I think they look pretty neat. Now all we need to do is come up with what we want the fortunes to say… Thoughts? Potassium and Cobalt 2012? Or something sillier than that? What do you think of green fortune cookies with blue thread to go with these ones? Are you anti-fortune cookie? Tell me all your thoughts on this matter…

In other wedding planning news, the invitations are ready to be printed! Great job T for getting them ready right on time. :) Cobalt is (hopefully) headed to Kinko’s tomorrow to print a test invite and then it will be time for stamp and address acquiring! :)

Fabric shopping!

Short wedding post today due to insanity continuing in life.

Anyway, this weekend, my mom and I are going to go fabric shopping for my wedding dress (and veil, if you count French netting as fabric)! I am really excited to spend the day with my mom and to finally pick out the fabric for this dress! We are also doing one final fitting with the muslin dress to make sure I like her corrections from last time and then… she gets to make the dress! Should be a good weekend. Updates next week! :D

In other wedding planning news, Cobalt and I have planned our “honeymoon” in that we have decided we are going to go ziplining the day after our wedding before we have to head back to CO and our respective jobs. Booooo time off why are you so short? I am excited that we will get some fun and exciting “honeymoon”-like time together anyway. :) Hopefully we will get to have a real honeymoon sometime in the nearish future!

Have you ever been ziplining before? I am excited now but I am pretty sure I will get nervous when I actually get up there… What is your idea of the ideal honeymoon? For Cobalt and me, it’s a joint trip – first to New York City and then to Paris. One day…

About the picture: I know this isn’t ziplining but it is still a picture of me and Cobalt having fun and there is a rope and some trees in the picture so… I say it works. :)

Shark Photographs

So yeah…. I know I usually post a wedding Wednesday post today or actually on Wednesday but this week you are getting shark photos instead. Yeah… I know… not as cool… But I have been so busy helping pack/clean our lab for our big lab move next week that I haven’t even had time to think about a wedding Wednesday post or even think about our wedding. Craziness… All I know is that I have spent waaaaay too much time packing boxes of stuff/cleaning items in the lab with 10% bleach so the movers won’t be afraid to touch them (we have to decontaminate all our instruments and put a green sticker on them to prove their cleanliness before the movers will move things)… but at least the packing is going well. I think we’re ahead of schedule!
In slight wedding news, our invitations are coming along nicely. Our friend T has been making progress and the invitations look awesome so far!!! :D

Anyway, without further ado, sharks! I took these pictures with my new iPhone! First is Gustav and second is Scrarmpl:

Which is your favorite picture? I think Scrarmpl looks annoyed about being second… What is your favorite app for the iPhone if you have one? What is something that takes up all your time so you feel like you can’t focus on the stuff that you want to get done (*coughs* for me it’s cleaning/packing/lab in general getting in the way of wedding planning/sleeping/lurking *coughs*)

First dance

So some of you may know that my favorite part of a wedding is watching the couple do their first dance. It always just makes me so happy to see them waltzing across the floor whispering and giggling to each other as they go. I just love the mystery of it all – they’re giggling about something important to each other and we get to share in that moment.

Anyway, so obviously since this is an important part of weddings for us, Cobalt and I have been discussing the perfect first dance song. Nothing too overdone but something that shows our love for each other and will give us our own private joke moment. I can’t tell you what it is because that would ruin the surprise for all our guests (some of whom read this blog! Hi guys!) but I can guarantee you that it is perfect. Now we just need dancing lessons so we don’t trip over each other while we’re doing all that cutesy giggling and whispering….

What about you guys? What is your favorite part of the wedding? What song did/will you dance to for your first dance? If you’re not married and not getting married yet what song do you think would make the most amazing first dance song? :D

Picture: Cobalt and me being crazy at a wedding we went to in 2010!

Four Month Update

Crazy that in 4 months it will be August and 4 months from today, Cobalt and I will be married for one day! That means we have a little over 3 months left to prepare. So I thought I would discuss some of the things we have been working on lately. Most of the big things are out of the way so it’s just on to the little details. THERE ARE SO MANY DETAILS. Just letting you know in case you didn’t already know.

Details (in no apparent order):

  1. Where/when to have the bachelor/bachelorette parties
    Our wedding is pretty much a destination wedding for most of the guests, excluding anyone who actually lives in my home town, so we thought it would be mean to have a separate weekend/location for parties. We’ve currently planned to frolic in San Francisco with our guests at our respective parties (we have yet to determine whether they will meet up) a few days before the wedding. That way everyone (including Cobalt and me) only has to travel once. As for the details of the parties… eh… not so much yet. We just wanted to nail down a day at least so our guests could start to book their plane tickets/hotel reservations.
  2. Where Cobalt and I are staying the night of our wedding
    Yeah… we really should figure that one out…
  3. Registry
    This one is almost done. In fact, I even posted our registries on the wedding website… though we are still updating one of them as we remember more things. Whew. Thanks Lauren for suggesting Myregistry.com to us! :)
  4. Rings
    Are still driving us crazy. We have decided to get matching titanium rings from Minter and Richter but we have had a hard time deciding exactly which rings we want and an even harder time getting sized for them. Since they are titanium, they can’t really be resized (but they will make you a new ring for 50% off if you need to change your size) so we really want to have the rings fit (well duh…). Back in February when we were visiting Cobalt’s family, we went and got our fingers sized at the local jewelers. Then a few weeks ago, we went to a jewelers here because someone (me) forgot their size (sorrrrrrry). They measured both of our fingers again and the sizes were completely different than the ones we got earlier. So yeah… Mysterious. Minter and Richter actually sell a ring sizer. I think it’s time we buy that guy!
  5. Ceremony
    Actually is outlined! We have a good idea of how we want it to run and we have two offiants (cuz we’re special like that. ;)). Now we just need to figure out the details (sooooo many…) like vow-writing, songs we want, what to do about music (live vs. recorded), etc. Woot.
  6. Flowers
    Cobalt and I are getting married in a garden (see above picture – that’s what it looks like in August… and why we pretty much fell in love with the place instantly) so we are not investing too much time and energy into flowers. I have contacted a florist about the availability and pricing of the flowers I want in my bouquet (anemones) and the flowers I want my bridesmaids to hold (Stargazer lilies) but they are not responding… So I think I should probably get on that…
  7. Gifts
    Cobalt has ordered his groomsmen their gifts but I am still having issues finding the perfect gift(s) for my girls. I just want to get something both special and meaningful but also useful/something that they will actually wear/use, you know? Blahhhhh… Back to the searching. Sorry I can’t talk much about it but I know that some of our groomsmen and bridesmaids actually read this blog (hi! and Thanks for reading!). We also need to put our heads together about gifts for our families. Ooooo…
  8. Centerpieces, favors, etc
    Still thinking fortune cookies for the favors but they will probably be felt instead of crochet because then Cobalt can actually help me make them. Centerpieces… BLAHHHHHHHH… yeah… that goes into the category of things that we should think about… also table numbers and seating charts. Everything table related, really…
  9. Wedding Showers
    I have two lined up. One in my home town and one in Cobalt’s home town. Getting to Cobalt’s home town is drivable so we actually have a date set for that one. Need to set a date for the other one but I’ve been kind of waiting for an airline sale so I can actually get to it… >_<
  10. Honeymoon
    Cobalt and I are too poor to afford a honeymoon after this crazy wedding. We hope that one day we can go to France and also New York City (in the same trip preferably) but for now, we are thinking about chilling for a few days around my home town and maybe going ziplining through the redwoods. Oooooo…

What was your favorite detail to plan for your wedding? Or if you’re not married, what are you the most excited about planning? Anyone want to finish planning our wedding?! :D Do you have anything you’d like us to talk about in future wedding Wednesday posts? Any questions about how we did something or how far along we are with planning something?

PS – Garden update: now we have THREE lemon cucumber sprouts and one spinach sprout!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D (be happy I didn’t postpone the Wedding Wednesday post another day with more pictures of baby plants…)

Antsy Questions

I am a girl of lists. At any given second of any given day, I have at least one list running through my head. Whether it’s the lab list (if I start my cells here then I can do this experiment here and then…) or the wedding list (why isn’t the registry done? We should order our rings… What song are we gonna play here?) or the Potassium list (pick up Mom from airport, text friends back, need… sleep….) or all of them at once, something is running through my head at all times. So for today’s wedding Wednesday post, I thought I would post some things going through my head about all of that. Ready? Let’s go!

  1. Tans
    So we live in Colorado. We are 5300 feet closer to the sun here than people who live at sea level. Basically, once spring hits, I can’t really go outside without getting tanned, burned, or both. So by the time we get to May, I am already sporting a pretty decent farmer’s tan just from walking to the bus stop/biking to work. Not to mention that I also look like a raccoon thanks to my sunglasses tan. Because we are getting married this summer, I am getting increasingly worried about having a farmer’s tan with my wedding dress. Sure, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world but I would really rather not see a fat farmer’s tan/raccoon eyes on me every time I see my wedding pictures. So it’s going to be an interesting next few months I think – full of sunscreen and maybe less sunglasses use. We’ll just have to see because I refuse to do any fake tanning. Thoughts?
  2. Dress!
    My mom was here visiting earlier this week and we made progress on fitting the bodice of my dress. I think the next time I head out to California for a long weekend we are going to go pick out fabric!!!! So speaking of fabric, we went and looked a little at my mom’s favorite fabric shop here in Boulder (you know you’ve lived somewhere too long when your mother has a favorite fabric shop there…). I want my dress to be white with just a HINT of blue. Something that you could really only see in the sunlight. Unfortunately, there were no bolts of fabric that came anywhere close. The only “light blue” they had looked silver or gray to me. It was if, in order to make things lighter, they just took out all the hue in the color, if that makes sense. So instead of just making it less saturated (so still sky blue or whatever but fainter), they just took out everything that made it blue so that it looked dull and gray. I think a dress made out of the fabric would look dull and lifeless so I dunno if that would make for a very good wedding dress. Do you have a favorite fabric shop? Have you ever seen anyone in a blue wedding dress?

In other wedding news, I ordered my necklace to wear with my dress. It’s a shark (duh)! Click the picture to go to the Etsy page it is from.