A Presidents’ Day Urban Legend!

Hello! In honor of Presidents’ Day, I thought I would share a President Urban Legend with you… see what you think…
George Washington was really a vampire. Look at this picture! See how he holds his mouth… Some say that his mouth was uncomfortable because he had wooden teeth but that’s actually not true! Actually, he is attempting to hide his fangs from view. But if you look carefully, you can see his left fang peeking out from under his lip in this picture… No it was not photoshopped. Check your dollar bills, people!
Anyway, it makes sense, right? Think about it some more… The picture of him standing so stoically on that icy crossing of the Delaware river… What mere human could withstand the cold like that?! Clearly he was a vampire…

Fun, yeah?

Okay now it’s your turn. What crazy urban legends do you know* about our presidents?

*In case you were unaware, I totally made that one about George Washington up so you can do the same with your urban legends. Let’s celebrate our presidents by coming up with silly stories about them! :)

4 thoughts on “A Presidents’ Day Urban Legend!

  1. Abraham Lincoln was an alien, the top hat was a curse made him hold his human form eventually he would retake his alien form and try to kill of the human race. Instead the top hat’s curse was to make him fight for equality with people. John Wilkes knew that the curse was ending soon so as part of a secret plan he killed Abraham Lincoln to stop him from regaining his alien form and taking over the planet.

  2. A few little known facts:

    Richard Nixon, despite his reputation, had a small room in the White House filled with kittens for him to pet when he was feeling sad. It is said that during the Watergate scandal he once spent 17 hours straight inside the room.
    Grover Cleveland had two non-consecutive encounters with bigfoot.

    Taft actually had a pet alligator named Gerald. Gerald was, however, removed from the White House when he ate Vice President Sherman’s dog, Ribbons, during one Easter.

    Chester A. Arthur was a werewolf. His ferociousness within the Republican party was so reviled that they gave him the office of Vice Presidency in order to stop his political career. A mentally unstable man named Charles Guiteau had heard that someone in the administration was a werewolf but assumed, however, that it was then President Garfield. Guiteau shot Garfield with a silver bullet and thus paved the way for a werewolf president. His mullet chops were a sign of his lycanthropy.

  3. Martin Van Buren. Notorious flasher. It’s true.

    My favorite actual “legend” is about Jimmy Carter being attacked by a rabbit while he was in a boat. He fought it off with a paddle. Now you can look that up, my mom said she remembered when it happened. Hysterical.

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