Things I love

In honor of Valentine’s Day being this week, I decided to make a list of things that I love. This is probably going to be part one in a series of posts because I love a lot of things but I just can’t think about them all right now. So part one goes like this:

  1. The obvious ones
    a) My family

    Every year we take a bunch of family portraits in front of the Christmas tree after Christmas eve mass. It used to be my dad’s job to take the pictures but since I got my happy DSLR with its fancy infrared remote (perfect for self portraits), now it’s my job. Yay! Anyway, love ma family. :)

    b) Cobalt

    This is one of our engagement pictures taken by Holly Carlyle. Love it. Love you too Cobalt. :)

    c) Cobalt’s family

    Yay I get double family now by marrying Cobalt! It is super exciting and happy. :) Now I get a niece, a nephew, a big sister, and another mom. Happy. Anyway, this pic is a pic of Cobalt and the previously mentioned niece and nephew with the crazy snowman we built. That’s right. He has 3 faces, two arms, 8 tentacle legs, and a pet penguin. We’re odd.

  2. Brushing my teeth
    I know this sounds weird but I really like it. I can feel my little teethys getting all clean and my mouth always feels so fresh afterwards.
  3. Going on adventures

    I love going on adventures – big and small. Sometimes Cobalt and I just roam around Boulder county with cameras to photograph anything interesting. We also like to explore the state of Colorado. I’d say we’re doing pretty good so far but I think the southwestern corner needs more adventures. Really, it doesn’t matter what state (or country hopefully someday) the adventure is in; as long as I am adventuring, everything is good. This picture is from when we went to an alligator farm in southern Colorado! Awwww… look at that little guy.
  4. Soft, fuzzy things

    So I like things that are soft. A lot. It helps if they’re fuzzy and warm too but really, give me something soft like a blanket, Cobalt’s hair, stuffed animals, clean sheets, and I’m happy. Basically if I’m sad, give me something soft to cheer me up. This picture on top is a pic of my oviraptor (I got him from the airport – definitely an impulse purchase) in this giant sweatshirt that I stole from Cobalt that I sleep in almost every night. The pic on the bottom is me cuddling with giant stuffed (and fuzzy) sharks – Gustav and Fernando (Fernando belongs to my friend A but I needed a double shark cuddle).
  5. Sports – soccer especially
    So I’ve played soccer since the youngest age I could possibly play (I think 4?). There is something about the feeling of my cleats digging into the grass that is incredibly satisfying to me (reason #1 why I hate indoor soccer – no cleats and no grass… booo). I also love the feeling of charging after the ball and how focused I get when I am trying to work out a play in my head. Yay soccer…
  6. Water
    I loooooove water. Swimming pools, showers, baths, hot springs, waterfalls, snowmelted freezing water, etc. Most of the time, I feel like I was born to be in the water. Funny story about that though, I don’t like being wet. So as soon as I get out of the water, I wish I was instantly dry.
  7. Food
    I love food. I could eat food all day. I more or less DO eat food all day. Your guess is as good as mine why I am not the size of an elephant by now… :-/
  8. Taking macro pictures of tiny things

    As you have probably figured out, I kind of love taking pictures of everything but taking pictures of tiny things (especially if they are fuzzy) is a particular habit of mine. The macro mode on my point and shoot is pretty much my favorite mode on that camera. Eventually I will buy a macro lens for my DSLR too. Watch out world… Macro everything!

This pretty much concludes the first “Things I love” list. Obviously there will be more later because I can already see some glaring holes in this list! What are some of the things you love?

4 thoughts on “Things I love

  1. Ahhh, we love you too! And, are sooooo excited to have you become “officially” a member of the family (’cause, in our hearts, you already are a member). Can’t wait to see you guys!

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