Chicken Plus Cactus = Love?

Today’s post is about nicknames. They’re fun and endearing generally. The nickname Potassium is actually one I gave myself back in high school (Really… at any given time since I was 17, I have had at least one website or blog, etc with “Potassium” in the name) but Cobalt has taken to calling me Chicken. I like it. For some reason I find it really endearing when he goes “What’s up Chicken?” or “You’re my favorite chicken…” because it’s so weird and also cute. It’s been really hard for me to come up with a cute but similarly endearing nickname for him. He mostly just makes weird faces and vetoes my suggestions… The other day, I told him his face was prickly like a prickly pear cactus and then said “Cactus….” and he didn’t seem too upset. So maybe? Cactus and Chicken?

What about you? Do people have fun, yet endearing, nicknames for you? Do you have fun, yet endearing, nicknames for others? Is there a nickname that you absolutely can’t stand when people use? :-/

About the pic: We actually do have cacti that grow here in Colorado but generally they are all wrinkled and depressing looking. This little guy is looking pretty good though. Maybe he’s protected by the pinecones in the grass surrounding him…

2 thoughts on “Chicken Plus Cactus = Love?

  1. Tim and I had names we called each other before we started dating (you know, when we were in that “we’re just friends but really I’m pissed about that and we should change it” phase) that pop up every once in a while still now, but I wouldn’t necessarily call them “endearing” :)

    Apparently when we first met, I was the “crazy annoying girl” who sat behind him. After we were friends for a while, he went through this “break up with his girlfriend because she was terrible/get guilted into getting back together with her” series, at which point I started affectionately calling him “dumbass”, but I’d pick a different language every day. He never figured it out. See, not cute, but still funny now that we each know where they came from. We’re actually writing out our name cards for our head table with those on them!

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