Cheez-its in my lab drawer!

So since I have had at least one lab drawer to call my own, it has contained food in it. I tend to get a bit hangry (hungry/angry…) if I go too long without food and I also love eating so I have provided myself with tasty snacks for years now. Last year, my food drawer became very popular with my lab mates and people actually started bringing in food to repopulate all the food I (and they) ate! It was delicious. The food drawer tends to become a little candy heavy so last time we went out on a late night lab drawer food run (they totally happen… and they are totally cool… we went to Target at 9:30 on Saturday night… and it was awesome… moving on…), I grabbed a box of Cheez-its to go with our delicious candy choices. The Cheez-its were the best idea ever. They didn’t even last the week. I had to run to the store by our house and get more… and here they are… ready to make me happy whenever I go searching through my lab drawer for a snack (which is often)… We are moving our lab next month and I haven’t been able to check out the new desk areas for a suitable replacement lab food drawer… I hope it will work out…

What about you? Do you get hangry? Do you have a drawer of food by your desk at work? How about at home? For fellow CU readers, are you going to come by my desk to get a snack? Should I stock up? ;)

4 thoughts on “Cheez-its in my lab drawer!

  1. I totally get hangry. I have one of those giant boxes of Snicker’s you get from Costco in my file cabinet. I also keep tea, nut clusters, and protein bars in there…but I usually default to the Snicker’s. I used to keep Kit Kats, but they were so noisy everyone knew I had them!

  2. Mmmm cheezits. And celestial seasonings tea. and sour patch kids. i dig your snack drawer. my is super lame and empty right now…

  3. I just hangrily ate some jello pudding. Not as awesome as cheez-its and sour patch kids but still good!

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