Happy Birthday Dad!

Today’s my dad’s birthday! Yay! Happy birthday Dad! Sorry I can’t be there to celebrate it with you in person but I love you and I hope you have an amazing day…
Today’s picture is a picture of my parents from last Christmas. You can see my Dad’s rocking his epic winter bear beard in this pic. Also you can see that I was playing with bokeh at the same time by turning all the lights on the tree into stars. :)

In other news, Cobalt and I planted the first few plants for our garden yesterday. I have been staring at the pots ever since waiting for the plants to sprout. I knowwwww they don’t sprout overnight but I still have the little kid in me who is so excited that she wants to watch the plants sprout right now!. Do you guys have gardens? Have you planted anything for them yet? Do you prefer flower gardens, vegetable gardens, or both?

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