Fabric shopping!

Short wedding post today due to insanity continuing in life.

Anyway, this weekend, my mom and I are going to go fabric shopping for my wedding dress (and veil, if you count French netting as fabric)! I am really excited to spend the day with my mom and to finally pick out the fabric for this dress! We are also doing one final fitting with the muslin dress to make sure I like her corrections from last time and then… she gets to make the dress! Should be a good weekend. Updates next week! :D

In other wedding planning news, Cobalt and I have planned our “honeymoon” in that we have decided we are going to go ziplining the day after our wedding before we have to head back to CO and our respective jobs. Booooo time off why are you so short? I am excited that we will get some fun and exciting “honeymoon”-like time together anyway. :) Hopefully we will get to have a real honeymoon sometime in the nearish future!

Have you ever been ziplining before? I am excited now but I am pretty sure I will get nervous when I actually get up there… What is your idea of the ideal honeymoon? For Cobalt and me, it’s a joint trip – first to New York City and then to Paris. One day…

About the picture: I know this isn’t ziplining but it is still a picture of me and Cobalt having fun and there is a rope and some trees in the picture so… I say it works. :)

3 thoughts on “Fabric shopping!

  1. It definitely works! Thanks for sharing! It is always fun hearing wedding (and honeymoon) plans! Keep up the good play!

  2. That’s exciting about the fabric! I can’t wait for the update!!

    I haven’t been ziplining, but it’s on the list of things we want to do when we finally take our honeymoon in January. Also on the list? Dolphins. I have said for almost a decade now I want to go swim with dolphins, and gosh darn it I am NOT waiting any longer!

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