Prom recap!!!

First things first. ONE MONTH UNTIL OUR WEDDING!!!!!

Whew! Short post today… You’re all probably grateful for that since my last posts have been pretty epic. Anyway. Prom shower! It was a lot of fun. Everyone got dressed up super fancy (except L’s husband T who decided that he stayed home from the prom to play video games… hahaha). My other friend T lamented that the rest of us girls were wearing sundresses and she was the only one in a full out prom dress… IT WAS HOT! We spent the majority of our time in this little shelter at the park which was in the shade. Anyway, we got pizza and cake and then Cobalt and I were crowned prom King and Queen (our surprise). Do you like our crowns/candy scepters? Maybe more pictures later… Thanks to a different friend L (I gotta come up with a better system for names…) for taking these awesome pictures!

Just in case you are wondering what happened about 2 seconds after this picture was taken, I’ll show you Cobalt’s crazy face in the next picture.

In other wedding news, SEND US YOUR RSVP POSTCARDS! Seriously… :-/

In OTHER wedding news, second shower this weekend! Exciting!!!! :)

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