Epic Weekend!

Wow… Cobalt and I had a great weekend! We drove to see his family for the fourth of July and decided to spend the rest of the weekend frolicking with his family, catching up with some of our friends we haven’t seen in a while (we hadn’t seen some of them in almost 4 years!), and having our second wedding shower! Wedding shower stuff will obviously be discussed for Wedding Wednesday and unfortunately I can’t go into too much detail on everything else because Cobalt and I are both swamped catching up with things at our respective jobs (booo work…).

So I leave you with pictures instead.

  • So we went to our friend’s 40th birthday party and there were so many cute children there. I guess over the 4 years I haven’t seen these people, they’ve been busy! I got to hold this little one who was passed out almost the entire time I was holding her… Still adorable though…
  • Wedding shower recap on Wednesday, like I said, but I can tell you right now that it was a TON of fun. Loved it… Plus I decorated Cobalt with all the bows/ribbons from our wedding shower gifts so I think he enjoyed it too… ;))
  • On our way back to CO, we passed a herd of wild horses!!! Luckily there was no one behind us so Cobalt drove extra slowly while I took pictures. The horses were confused…

  • As you can probably see from the horse pictures, it got a little stormy on our drive up. Pretty much about 15 minutes after we took the horse pictures, we were stuck in rain and thunderstorms for the rest of the drive (about 4 hours). At one point, there was this insane storm cloud:

This weekend was just really awesome. It was so neat catching up with people I haven’t seen in a while (including our friends who recently got married). It was also cool to get to talk to some of our friends who we love but who won’t be able to make it to our wedding… (Sad…) FINALLY, I really enjoyed spending so much time with my future mother, sister, niece, and nephew in law. My future sister in law and I spent an entire evening starting to plan an epic vacation for next summer. It was so much fun. Yay! :):) Also we showed up to the shower with matching toe nail polish (Cobalt’s and my wedding colors of course…).

Anyway, enough excitement from Potassium. Tell me about your weekends! Or if you are unsatisfied with your most recent weekend, tell me about a weekend that was just full of awesome. :)

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