The calm before the storm

M, me, Cobalt, and my wee at the beach. I think I look weird taking the picture… At least you can see the tail shadow cast by my raptor hoodie… Yesssssss… :)

Last Wedding Wednesday ever (at least prewedding…)! Craziness!

Things are looking good. This past weekend, Cobalt and I got everything that needed be printed at Kinko’s (table seating assignments, etc) ready and then on Monday, we printed everything out AND ran our epic shopping trips to Costco, Target, etc. We paid the caterer her final check so we have now officially paid everything off. We are pretty much ready to sit back and watch everything just fall into place now… Yay! Let’s go!

Things got a little interesting on Monday when one of the groomsmen found out that he was actually flying to CA on Tuesday instead of today (we actually can’t decide if he chose the wrong day or if the airline totally just screwed him over) but everything seems to have worked out great! We picked him up Tuesday morning and then he and Cobalt ran errands while my mom, my sister (who came in Monday night! Yay!), and I went out and did girly things, like playing with makeup and shopping for jewelry. Then Cobalt, M (groomsman), wee (sis), and I took off for the beach to relax a little.

It was amazing out there. I am always in awe of the ocean whenever I see it (living in a landlocked state has totally intensified this feeling) but today just seemed perfect. The weather was perfect (not too hot, not too cold), there were seals and pelicans out playing around in the water for us to see (see below), and it was just a nice calm before the storm hanging out there with Cobalt and two people who are also very important to me.

Look at that pelican! Flapping away…
Dive pelican, dive! You should have seen them! They were dive bombing the ocean and as soon as one pelican found something, all these ducks, other pelicans, and seals would show up to try to grab it…

I’m signing off for a while. Friends and family are coming in today (safe travels everyone!), the bachelorette/bachelor parties are tomorrow, craziness Friday, and then WE GET MARRIED on SATURDAY!!!! Maybe I will be back next Wednesday for a wedding recap? Maybe the Wednesday after that… Only time will tell…

One thought on “The calm before the storm

  1. CONGRATS YOU GUYS :) I’ll be thinking of you all weekend (heck, I’ve been thinking of you all week)… I wish you the smoothest, happiest, best weather -of wedding days, and a lifetime of love. You guys are perfect for each other and I couldn’t be more excited for you. Love you girl!

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