Look at those cacti!

Holy crap… One week from now (almost) everyone will be here and we’ll be gearing up for setup and the rehearsal! How time flies! We were at the venue yesterday (LOVE IT still… haven’t seen it since January and it’s so good to see everything in bloom and all the nice changes they’ve made…) and we walked through everything to make a huge map of events for all our vendors (caterer, photographer, etc). I talked to our photographer on the phone on Tuesday and she and I came up with an itinerary too! It’s allllll coming together quite nicely. It’s amazing how much more stuff gets done when I only have to focus on the wedding (and not on grad school too.) Thanks boss for giving me that time off!

Short post today. Cobalt and I are about to go pick up our marriage license (we had to order it online last night? We are confused about how this process works but we’re going over there anyway). Then it’s more errands, etc. I leave you today with these cacti! They are going to be the center of our centerpieces and also how we “number” the tables. Yesterday, Cobalt and I named each cactus and then spent hours working on a seating chart so that each person will have a place to sit at one of the cactus’ tables. Seating chart is complete (and I also took the map from the venue and figured out where each table was going with respect to the head table and the buffet) so now we just need to make name tags for the cacti so that people will know where to sit. Yay!

The cacti are just chilling in their funny little Home Depot pots in my parents’ backyard right now! If you can read any of their names, you probably won’t be surprised that they are completely ridiculous. We literally just picked one up, brainstormed a good name for it, put it back, picked up another one…

2 thoughts on “Look at those cacti!

  1. Look at this Blog Post! Heh…

    I love the cacti! Please tell me the head table gets one, or at least I get to take one home :)

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