Welcome back…

So a few weeks ago, the T and I drove Cobalt’s car to California because it is bigger. Cobalt got to drive my car here in Colorado until he left to come to California.

Fast forward to this week. Upon returning to Colorado, Cobalt and I had a deal – I would get to cut off 10 inches of my hair to donate to Locks of Love and he would get to dye his hair red. So Wednesday afternoon, we headed out to go get my hair cut… only to discover that my car was not where Cobalt had parked it. In fact, it wasn’t anywhere on our apartment’s property. We both freaked out and headed to our apartment’s front office. They freaked out because the only reason a car would not be on our property is if someone stole it or if it got towed. But I pay for a parking permit every month so my car shouldn’t get towed….. ALSO the towing company e-mails the front office a list of cars that they think should get towed (and reasons) but then they aren’t actually allowed to tow anything unless the front office says yes, tow that stupid car.

So needless to say everyone was bewildered and freaking out. Then the lady in the front office checked her e-mails and it turns out that the towing company e-mailed her about towing my car the day after Cobalt left (citing a lack of permit)…. and then they just towed it without her permission (even though it definitely has a permit on it). She called them and they refused to tow it back because “it’s all wheel drive so it’s hard to tow…” UM… SOMEHOW YOU MANAGED TO TOW IT AWAY!

So we had to go get it. My car is fine at least. And we didn’t have to pay anything to get it back (which is good because it would have been almost $800 for the towing fee + sitting in their parking lot for 2 weeks). I am outraged and freaked out about the fact that my poor car was gone for two weeks and I didn’t even know about it. AND THAT I HAVE A PERMIT ON IT AND THEY TOWED IT ANYWAY!!!! The people in the front office are as livid as I am and they gave me a new (non sunbleached) parking permit so hopefully it won’t happen again. :-/ *sigh* Drama. Anger. Welcome back to Colorado I guess… :p

In other news, I eventually did get my hair cut and Cobalt did eventually dye his hair (and the bathroom) red. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Welcome back…

  1. I am loving the hair on both of you. I really love that Cobalt went whole hog red and not some sorta red. That’s awesome.

    Boo about the car adventure, but at least you got it back unharmed!

  2. You guys look great! My car got towed last year at my old apartment complex for a very BS reason too. My tag sticker had fallen off (I apparently didn’t put it on very well), so even though my parking permit was clearly visible and I was parked in a valid spot, they towed it. At least your apartment management seems good – mine said it was my fault and that the towing company basically has carte blanche to tow anything they deem fit (it’s supposedly for the safety of the complex…yeah, right). Anyway, I’m glad you got your car back and didn’t have to pay any outrageous fees for it.

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