The App Wars!

Today’s post is about a cool photography contest I heard about. Do you use Instagram (free!) or Hipstamatic ($1.99) on your smart phone? Then you can enter this contest!
It’s called The App Wars. Basically, you enter your favorite Instagram or Hipstamatic picture(s) to the App Wars website for $5 a picture. Then you are entered into a competition to win $1000! Both a Hipstamatic and an Instagram photo will win the grand prize. Plus the top 100 pictures from each app will be on display in a gallery in San Diego and all pictures submitted will be available in a book! The idea behind it is to promote cell phone photos as a form of art, which I think some of my regular photography readers would agree with. :)

I am super excited about this contest because I like playing with Instagram. When I wasn’t driving on our way back to Colorado last week, I was practicing taking epic Instagram pictures! Exciting… I like that it looks like the side mirror is on fire thanks to the sun’s reflection in this picture. :)

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