Kind of the best wedding cakes ever…

But of course I’m biased…

So back in January, we met with our wonderful cake lady to talk about what we wanted on our wedding cake. She showed us the album of all the other cakes she’s made and then we sat down to get to work. The conversation went kind of like this:

A (our cake lady): “What are you guys thinking?”

Cobalt and me: “So… we have this cake topper of a skeleton bride and groom and also we really like sharks… what can we do with that?”

About a half an hour later the three of us had designed that super amazing cake up there: a shark bringing a skeleton bride and groom to the beach. We loved it and she loved it. She was already planning on how to make the beach look beachy – with seashells and seaweed. Also everything on this cake (minus the cake topper of course) is completely edible – from the sand to the shark’s teeth… Makes me happy to look at it. Also, it was delicious. The shark was chocolate (his fins are graham crackers) and the beach was lemon with raspberry filling (with real raspberries!!!). Plus she made us another shark cake to save for our anniversary (and it survived the trip back to CO!). Yum.

Speaking of awesome cakes, I also want to show you the amazing groom’s cake Cobalt’s mom made! It’s a red velvet armadillo cake (Steel Magnolias anyone?) and the armadillo is a ghostbuster (Cobalt’s favorite movie of all times). We loved it! Cobalt’s mom did such a good job on it… This cake went pretty fast too… I didn’t even get to try it. :(

Thanks to our friends K and J for taking these respective pictures (I’ve totally been stealing all of them because I didn’t have my own camera… seeing the cakes is what made me miss my camera most the whole day…)!

Also, don’t forget to tell me if there is anything in particular you want to hear about now that the wedding is over. I’m making a list of post topics. I know that people want to hear about the fortunes so don’t worry, that’s coming soon to a post near you! (Also we ended up with a lot of extra fortune cookies/fortunes so if you can’t wait for the post maybe you can get a fortune in the mail…)

Tell me about your wedding cake! What did you have on it? Was it something you designed yourself or did you see it and just fall in love? If you’re not married, tell me what you would want on your wedding cake. :)

Geez with all this talk about cakes now I am hungry………

4 thoughts on “Kind of the best wedding cakes ever…

  1. Those were some awesome cakes, I agree. I was really impressed with how they turned out. Also, credit to A for that Armadillo cake pic. She went camera crazy while waiting for us to get done with photos :)

  2. I love the shark cake!!! I also love how everyone knows you well enough to immediately think “oh, that is such a perfect Potassium cake!” I love cakes that express the personalities of the couple.

    Even though our wedding is a long way off, Kim and I already know what our cake is going to be (well, I thought it up and he approved it). It’s gonna be a stack of our favorite books, since we bonded over our love of reading, and Lord of the Rings especially. If I’m feeling REALLY ambitious/crazy I might try making the cake myself :P

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