I find the name ‘fascinator’ fascinating…

It’s been almost a month sine we got married. How crazy is that?! Our apartment is still a total disaster though. Maybe this weekend we can finally get things together.

Anyway, for today’s post, I am going to talk about my veil/fascinator that my awesome friend The Chocolate Pudding made for me. I think it was about a year ago, TCP and I were looking at all the crafts at the Taste of Colorado festival and we found a booth dedicated to tiny hats with veils on them. We liked them but I knew I wanted some sort of birdcage veil/fascinator thingy for my wedding. TCP said she could try to make one for me and thus began our quest to make the best veil/fascinator ever!

In May, I got various types of fun French netting and a comb from Britex Fabrics in San Francisco. Then I ordered some pretty anenome flower clips off of Etsy to go with the netting. Due to life craziness, it wasn’t until the Tuesday before the T and I left to go to CA for the wedding that TCP and I had time to meet up and work on the concept of what the veil would look like. That is what that top picture is from (and yes… we were working on my veil/fascinator in a bookstore… points if you can guess the bookstore…)!

Fast forward to two days before the wedding. After the bachelorette/hen party, TCP brought over the almost finished veil/fascinator and I had a prewedding panic attack. The veil/fascinator looked great but I was freaking out so much that I wouldn’t like it that I couldn’t even decide if I liked it. TCP told me that she was just going to finish it and then I could decide on the wedding day whether or not I wanted to wear it.

Fast forward to the wedding day, I got to see the finished product and I fell in love with it. Originally, I was planning to keep the veil/fascinator on for the ceremony and pictures and then take it out and leave the flower clips in for the reception but I loved it too much to part with it… Yay! Thanks TCP for making pretty much the best veil/fascinator ever and thanks for putting up with a crazed Potassium while you did it. :)

And finally, a picture that I stole from my friend T from the reception (Thanks T…)

One more thing. My super awesome grad school friend PV is getting married this weekend to the lovely PD. So excited for you guys!!!! :)

And now the typical Q and A time. What did you do for your veil (if you are married)? Would you have a veil (if you’re not)? Tell me your thoughts on veils… Or tell me something different. Whatever you feel like doing is fine with me. :)

5 thoughts on “I find the name ‘fascinator’ fascinating…

  1. I love your fascinator! I usually am not a big fan of them, but yours is super cute, and I love how it was made *just* for you.

    I wasn’t going to do a veil, but when I had picked my dress everyone in my group insisted I try one on. My consultant pulled out one that looked like it had been made to go with my dress. The netting was as fine as the organza of my dress, and it had just a subtle sparkle around the edge. It hit about mid-back, was heavy enough that it actually retained its shape and didn’t go all crazy behind me, but light enough that it moved with me. It was sort of perfect!

  2. Is it The Tattered Cover? Do I get points?

    I wish I could come up this weekend (or any weekend) and help get the apartment organized! I would love it!

    My mom made my veil. She attached tulle to a white banana clip and added small white roses to the edges. I loved it. I still have it. :)

  3. So glad you liked it. :) I wasn’t sure if you would be wearing it, and TBH I forgot all about it until you came out and I thought, “wow, she’s so pretty and her veil is really great… wait I made that!” My mom made mine for me. It was very simple but it really gave me that “I’m a bride” feeling when I put it on! I still have it in a box along with my bouquet and the ring pillow.

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