Run Ralphie, Run!

Woooo this is shaping up to be an epic weekend here in Boulder. Tomorrow marks the beginning of our football season at the University of Colorado when we play the annual game against our rivals, Colorado State University. During half time for our home football games, our mascot Ralphie the buffalo, gets to run around on the football field! This picture is from Tuesday when my friend A and I took a break from science to watch them practice on the soccer field by our new science building.

Then on Sunday, President Obama will be back to visit the school as part of his campaigning tour (wooooo CO is a swing state!). Craziness. Too bad Cobalt and I will be working when they hand out the tickets… Though I did get to see him when he was at our school in April of this year…

Also, today A has her oral qualifying exam (scary 2 hour test where three professors ask you tons of questions to make sure you know the biochemistry and chemistry required to adequately do your PhD project. If you pass, you get to become an official PhD candidate) so wish her luck! I think she will do great! Go A!!! :)

2 thoughts on “Run Ralphie, Run!

  1. You go Allie! We are all roorting for you! I can taste the champange already. Have a glass for me!

  2. Happy for Miss A! :) How interesting to go outside and watch people run around with a buffalo… Last night we watched the first NMSU football game of the season and we have Strikey the Wonder Dog, who runs out to get the tee after the kickoffs. Much easier to handle than a buffalo I think.

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