One Frozen Shark

Don’t judge this shark cake. It’s been through a lot…

Well… it’s been a month since our wedding (officially on Tuesday). To celebrate our one monthversary, Cobalt and I went out to a tasty dinner last night and then came home to try our frozen wedding shark cake. Our cake lady suggested that we eat our cake on our one month anniversary instead of on our one year anniversary. This turned out to be a fine suggestion because I am not sure this cake would have been very tasty next year. As it was, this poor shark cake got dragged 21 hours across the US and then shoved into our freezer so it had seen better days. It still tasted pretty delicious; it just had a hint of freezer to each bite. Awww sharky…

I actually got really sad when we were trying the cake because I feel like all the celebrating for our wedding is officially over now. I mean, it’s been over for about a month really but this just seemed so final. Just reminds me that Cobalt and I should never stop celebrating and enjoying each other’s company as husband and wife. Just because the wedding is over doesn’t mean that we should stop partying yet. We’ve got a whole lifetime of celebrating ahead of us…

I think I’ve only got one to two more wedding posts until we get our wedding pictures back from our photographer so I think this blog is going to go back to more of a photojournal of a day in the lives of Potassium and Cobalt. I hope you’ll stick around to see what happens next!

And now it’s your turn. If you’re married, did you eat frozen wedding cake on your one year anniversary or are you like my parents who have 27 year old wedding cake somewhere in the bottom of their freezers? How was your cake? If you’re not married, would you want to eat year old wedding cake? Yummmm…

9 thoughts on “One Frozen Shark

  1. We are attempting to save our cake for our 1 year anniversary. I actually suggested maybe splitting the difference and doing it on the 6 month, but Geoff was pretty adamant we try for the year. It helps that the bakery screwed up the shower cake and gave us a coupon for a free one that’s good for a whole year, so if the 1 year freezing adventure doesn’t work we can just have them make a new one the exact same!

  2. Jim and I did save ours until the 1 year mark. I think after one bite each we threw it out…it just was too freezer-y and unfortunately, no longer yummy. :(

  3. We tried year-old cake. Blech.

    I pulled our wedding cake serving utensils out of storage several years ago. It’s fun to see them hanging out in our utensil drawer. Reminds me of our fun day.

  4. Yep, Potassium, it’s still there in the bottom of our freezer. Everytime we see it we are reminded of what fun we had at our wedding. I’m sure it’s totally inedible by now, but it is still a great reminder of a very cool day.

  5. I adore that cake! We are saving our topper (which after being transported across state after the wedding looks pretty awqful) for our first anniversary. Congrats on one month! :)

  6. The slice we planned to save was removed from the premises by a very eager wedding guest. :) It was very good cake though so I’m not too surprised everyone wanted extra to take home! I suppose I would have waited a year to eat it but from the sounds of it it wouldn’t have been so tasty by then anyway… maybe you can make a new chocolate shark cake on your one year anniversary? Mmm!

  7. I always thought that eating year-old, freezer-burned cake didn’t sound like the best way to celebrate your first anniversary, and it sounds like that’s what it ends up being. We’re not really cake people anyway, so we weren’t planning on saving any anyway. Perhaps for the one year mark we’ll take out our cake toppers and put them on a couple of steaks ;)

  8. ate ours with our folks and a bottle of champagne saved from the after wedding a year sfter the wedding They were both gross

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