Microscope Modeling

Lately we have been establishing a core microscopy facility in our new science building where anyone in the building can be trained on and use the fancy (and sometimes grumpy) fluorescence microscopes. Yesterday, a professional photographer came in to take pictures of all the microscopes so they can go on the University’s website. He started with our newest and most fancy (and most popular right now…) microscope and he needed some scientists to be photographed with the scope. Naturally, my friend A and I volunteered.

It turned out to be pretty cool. We got to put on gloves and play with the fancy microscope while he told us how to pose (probably the closest I’ll ever get to actual modeling). I think he was as excited as we were because as he shot, he would explain some of his equipment to us (super fancy photography equipment that I can only dream of owning one day), tell us about the types of shots he was taking, and tell us about how he came to be a professional photographer. Yay fancy microscopes while simultaneously nerding out over photography… Definitely a great way to start the day.

Afterwards A and I got K (who is “lucky” enough to share our section of the lab with us) to take this nice commemorative picture. Thanks K!

PS, nerd alert. So sometimes when I put on my gloves to do lab work, I think “Two by two, hands of blue…” which never ceases to freak me out a little… :-/

Some questions to think about: Is there anything you do as part of your job that causes some of your inner nerd to come out? Have you ever modeled (with or without a microscope)? Are you interested in cool photography gadgets like I am? If not, are there are other cool gadgets you are excited about? Tell me more… Have a good Friday/weekend!

4 thoughts on “Microscope Modeling

  1. I nerd out pretty bad when my data makes a pretty plot. Like the MIT thing I just finished? We plugged it all in and got a nearly perfect straight line on a Log scale. I about peed myself. Straight lines in plots are AWESOME!

    Despite a few people suggesting I should try it (I still think they’re crazy, or in Geoff’s case obligated by law to say it), the closest I’ve come to any modeling is having my picture taken with one of the collider experiments at Fermi. It’s lost in the bowels of the internet somewhere. Although apparently on Italian search engines (according to my Italian cohorts anyway), my picture is one of the first people pictures to come up when you Google that experiment. I’ve been told my picture was used in a newspaper article recently over there. They’re going to try to get me a copy of it :)

    • That is so cool about having your picture taken with a collider! :D Also, I too nerd out over pretty data. Or data that is significant. Or when my cells actually grow. It’s kind of sad how little science has to work to make me excited… >_<

  2. Sounds awesome! I would love to even be able to afford an decent camera (I still have a bridge camera, which, while nice, isn’t quite a DSLR), so schmancy photography equipment would excite me too :) I model my own veils on my Etsy shops, but that’s about it.

  3. “Two by two, hands of blue”… one of my fave episodes!
    Just let me start working on a digital pattern and I turn into an incredible nerd!

    My one “modeling” episode (if you want to call it that was in the early ’70s) when they were trying to encourage women to go into science. My picture was on the cover of a brochure called “Be an engineer!” ( I lie not!)

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